Tuesday, June 24, 2008

See Ken? That's the sort of post where I agree with Chris.

I knew you'd come back with some attempt at shredding the Wikipedia reference on 'Partnership'.

The perfectly simple semantics attributed to 'partnerhship' in the context of 'working with' PubCos are to do with what people take it to mean when getting involved contractually with PubCos - in fact what it does actually mean to people, who have perfectly good grounds for taking it to mean something akin to sharing responsibilities and knowledge and sharing motives, values and aspirations, as against what people contractually experience once tied up in a PubCo lease.

PubCos advertise themselves as 'working in partnership' with lessees. They have networks of 'highly experiencesd and trained BDMs'. ON the face of it you'd think fromt he outside these teams of BDMs would be there to help. They aren't.

It could be argued that PubCos break contract by not providing support and 'generous discounts' and everything else they don't provide, as against everything a free of tie tenant gets from their suppliers... etc.

Hey Ho off to work I go.

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