Friday, June 20, 2008

RE: Realistic Rent Levels

I haven't been able to read this whole thread in detail because I've been too busy.

Matthew Evans you analyse, think and speak like a BDM. Your posts above "he may well feel galled at someone else making money out of what he sees as his business" and so on.

WELL Matthew. You're missing something fundamental here. IT IS: MY BUSINESS. The PubCo has nothing to do with MY business and has nothing to do with making MY business a success. NO. That is all down to me. The POINT IS they try and take all the profit away from the lessee. WHY? Because they behave as if other people's businesses are THEIR business. PubCos see it as their right to take all the profit away.

There's no value in my recounting a blow by blow detailed history of my relationship with PuBCos to prove that I have experienced deceit, misrepresentation and sharp practice all along because it will be filtered and turned around to suggest that I am somehow naive, inexperienced, unfairly aggrieved. I'm none of these.

Your posts up there are arrogant ill informed rubbish.

Thanks again... I've had enough of all this nonsense that experts talk about my - our - business. Two short stories continuing from above. I said "free glassware for a beer I don't stock".

Sorry, make that "a beer you can't stock, a beer that I wanted to stock" but can't stock because there's no room behind the bar to fit the equipment, a beer which the BDM said, after cellar services had been three times and said was impossible to fit behind the bar, "Kronenbourg Blanc is just your pub's profile you really should stock it". A beer I couldn't stock without making the bar bigger i.e. a beer that needed a refurbishment for me to be able to stock. A beer which was so my pub's profile that, when I asked the BDM is S&N able to make a contribution towards a new bar, I would stock. "Sorry you know we can't do that because you're tied" (of course they would pay for it if I were free of tie and paying less for my beer but that's a different sphere of the surreality of dealing with these PubCos) - "then stop bloody well asking me to stock it, stop sending cellar services down to prove to me I can't stock it, stop sending me hundreds of free glasses I can't use, and send me something I can use for once. Stop rubbing salt in about the fact I can't stock a beer from your pathetic product range, a beer I actually for once do want to stock, but will have to spend 15-20K to be able to stock so I can make your company make more money.

Oh and by the way when you delist Magners and substitute Bulmers please make sure you actually have some Bulmers in stock when you're telling me "I have to remind you that you cannot stock Magners or buy Bulmers out of tie if we are unable to supply you" and just generally offending me with your incompetence and constant stream of proof that you couldn't organise party in your own brewery.

Jackanory. remember that? Through the round window:

Customer: "Can I have a bottle of Magners over ice bartender, you know, like they show you in the adverts and like I had in your bar yesterday? Please?"

Bartender: Sorry fine, erudite and regular customer, I cannot serve you a Magners like what you had yesterday, see because we are now obliged to sell, by the terms of our legally binding 'agreement' with our municifent and wise freeholder, they what actually owns the property, yes we are now obliged to sell BULMERS - a product made by our freeholder's parent company which is branded to look and taste just like Magners, it really is a nice substitute, especially when served over ice".

Customer: "Well my extremely well informed bartender, I do like the cut of your jib. Could you then please serve me a bottle of this fine Magner's substitute? I am thirsty and now so looking forward to sampling it on this hot, balmy Summer's day.

Bartender: "Sorry, we don't have any in stock"

BDM. "I must remind you that you cannot stock Magners or buy out of tie".

Lessee: "Boom Boom they don't tell 'em like they used to"

And for this treatment I pay over the odds for rent and £10 case more for beer and cider than I could buy it from the same depot if I were free of tie. And if I were fot I could get a substitute at short notice. Call this relationship fair? Call this a cheap entry to the industry? Something that was predictable when researching the tied lease? Something people know they are going to encounter when dealing with their business partner?

Great Ken. Keep your incomprehension up. It's amusing you're always pointing out the PubCo has no responsibility towards its tenants... I agree with you - and evidently - so do the PubCos.

*Lessee pokes himself in eye with claw hammer shock*.

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