Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh come on Ken, take it as it was intended - with a pinch of salt - it's just a wikipedia thing. I'm sure you are honourable and honest with integrity and I'd never intentionally suggest otherwise.

Cronies in this case are the couple of others who support you on this forum by saying that others seem to be trying to hound you out when actually no one is at all. The flack that's directed at you is simply because, in spite of what you say to the contrary, you do seem to take a Pubco position while asserting your objectivity and evenhandedness. Everyone has noticed this and people are responding to posts of yours which seem to them to be supporting the PubCos position.

In all of this you apparently see me (and others) as a person whose view is blinkered and distorted to the exclusion of acknowledging anything positive whatsoever about PuBcos. This is because my total experience I have had in dealing with PubCos in thirteen years and that of everyone else I know is (other than two Greene King tied lessees I've mentioned on other threads) highly negative.

IF I had any direct experience of good behaviour on the part of a PubCo. IF I had met anyone who had anything generally supportive to say about PuBCos I'd be pleased to recount it. And IF I do meet anyone who has positive things to say about PubCos I will quickly say so here.

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