Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mornin' All. Here's what was published about the venerable Tuppen on 29 May in the hard copy of MA:

Straight talking Enterprise Inns boss Ted Tuppen doesn't have much time for those MPs who have signed up in support of Fair Pint's efforts to re-focus attention on the power of the pubcos. Talking to city analysts a few weeks back, Tuppen referred to them as "moronic". Setting out a few key facts - like just how few closed pubs belong to any of the five largest pubcos - he added: "It's worth saying in case anyone meets a politician".
Each of the MPs has been contacted about Mr Tuppen's remarks - on a 'for your interest' basis.

Myself? I think very highly of Mr Tuppen. He's clearly a man of great integrity with exceptionally high standards of personal moral conduct. And a very fat bouncy personal bank balance. It was shocking for me to see that he must be under so much pressure to allow such an uncharacteristically unpleasant thought slip into the public realm. That's why I thought it very important that all the MPs should know how he was feeling. I hope they empathise with the stress he must be under at this time of turmoil in his industry. Oh sorry; actually it's not his industry is it? It's Giles' and Ted's together.

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