Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mark just one or two points and I don't know if it worth stating it to someone such as yourself who seems to have not only a dictionary but an inate ability to fire large bullets but way off target.

I do not support the pubco model and I have never said that tenants only have themselves to blame. Continually repeating what you think I said will not make it true. I am not in the habit of lying and never have on these or the publicans pages so why do you treat my statements as lies?

In clarification, when you were considering your lease and decided to invest not an inconsiderable sum in the business did your advisers point out that the amount that you were required to cover under dilapidations should have been carried out prior to your taking the lease either by the landlord or the assignee if it was an assignment and that you should not have taken the lease without this work being guaranteed or compensated for?

Good grief Mark why have you defined cronyism? I was accused of having cronies not cronyism. They are two completely different things. A crony is defined as a long term close friend. Cronyism has connotations of corruption by bettering ones friends positions which is what you intimated.

My statement stands. I have no long term close friends on this site.

You make the same loaded accusational jump from crony to cronyism as you do with appreciating both sides of the picture to being a Pubco supporter. Both totally disconected and without basis or factual support.

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