Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funnily enough Ken I was at a cheese and wine evening hosted by the BBPA with lots of suits in attendance, it was all very friendly and it was Giles, Jessa and Teddy boy what told me first "They've been investigated before and given a clean bill of health". And then there was a couple of MPs and a couple of squares called Johnny and Bobby. And someone from LVA said it was the government and the supermarkets' fault and nowt to do wi' PubCos. A couple of people at the party told me that 'The PubCo model is very like a franchise, a business model that has been highly successfully rolled out all over the western world". And that the PubCos keep pubs open and lessees with a healthy income there's no way the govenrments' going to look at this again there's no point. Nothing to find out.

Choke! Splutter! I woke up and realised I was just in a very badly informed dream.

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