Thursday, May 08, 2008

Squeaky clean. Just So. What's happened in discussions so far certainly can't have been so - because they would not qualify. Expertise is not needed to get that much out of it.

It will change nothing for the lessee / tenant. The cash PubCo's pump out of their estates will soar - quite simply because they will not be paying tax. Shareholder value will (already is) rocket. Dividends to shareholders will rise.

Basically the ordinary income earning person in the UK will be losing out to PubCos again because the tax income from these corporate giants, instead of contributing to the Treasury, will be pouring into pension funds and rich property companies who invest in the PubCo's. One could argue that it's regressive wealth redistibution.

I think it's scandalous. Sorry if I've said that before. It's is quite simply outrageous that large highly profitable commercial money making machines can get out of paying tax. No matter how awfully complicated a route it might be. It is, quite simply, WRONG. Businesses have civic duties just as much as individuals do... It's just some of them choose to ignore these responsibilities.

Where is their moral conscience? where is their corporate social responsibilty. They have none whatsoever. They put little enough of value into the economy, into the fabric of society already - other than corporation tax. Why allow them to get away with even that?

Because they can

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