Sunday, May 25, 2008

RE: Tenancy at will.........please advise

Ken, you really surprise me sometimes. You say "not a fair assessment of the situation as posted by Jon". Come on Ken, have a look at what Jon wrote again:

1) TAW ended 21 May. 2) Jon gave 10 days' notice in writing; email and telephone that he wanted to leave. 3) Sign off meeting arranged for 21 May; NO Enterprise rep. 4) Enterprise rep showed on 23 May - with no paperwork...

How much more unprofessional can a corporate behemoth be? And along the way blatantly tell the tenant they were not given not enough notice??? Supposing Jon had another commitment on the 25 May? It is not unpofessional, it is GROSS INCOMPETENCE. This exactly reflects my experience of other PubCos' behaviour so why should I assume there might be detail in this particular instance of incompetence that lets this particular PubCo off the hook?

I accept your recommendation to charge the PubCo is good, sound and rational but, if you consider for a moment, difficult to push through - without having to be prepared to take the PubCo to court to get justice and the time and money that will consume. And the likely outcome that PubCo will wriggle out of it.

I do represent Fair Pint, in that I'm one of the people who set it up as a campaign. That drive to try to make change in this industry happen came out of my experience, and my absolute outrage, with Pubco employees and senior management and how they behave toward their tenants. My personal view of all of this is perfectly straighforward and unavoidably skewed by that experience. In my experience PubCos blatantly abuse their power but the regulating authorities are completely unaware of this and THIS MUST CHANGE. The campaign is about fairness - for everyone involved with the pub business.

Everyone involved in Fair Pint, at every level, is motivated by a deep desire to see justice and fairness done properly. No one is doing this for money or kudos. And for me this example of PubCo behaviour is EXACTLY why I am motivated to spend hundreds of hours working towards Fair Pint's campaign goals and telling as many people as possible that the people responsible for this kind of shocking behaviour cannot be allowed to get away with it any longer and that they MUST be brought to account for their actions.

But by the way Ken, your advice about having all the information and evidence absolutely Tees crossed and I's dotted is taken seriously and sincere thanks for that. A good reminder.

Just in case it's not obvious and for purposes of clarity and transparency, J Mark and Mark Dodds are the same me. I just couldn't get my log in right once when I was posting on holiday so I re-registered as a new, younger me with longer, darker hair, fewer wrinkles and less of a belly.

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