Friday, April 18, 2008

Ken I knew I was opening myself up to accusation of lily livered naivete but I am not in any way satisfied by unsusatainable business models and will never accept the practices that most PubCo's employ - those same practices you described as immoral. The logical conclusion of the position you take is that if you cannot beat them, then join them and do as they do. This reactive behaviour is exactly what has led to our economy being where it is now and, globally, our environment being on the brink of collapse.

Social capital is utterly dismissed and trampled as a pathetic ideal at the anvil of financial wealth creation for a few. I'm alright Jack leads ultimately to Jack being an exceedingly dull boy.

David has it as far as I'm concerned. These PubCo's don't know how to look after their 'customers' 'tenants' lessees' 'cleints' 'milk cows' 'lambs to slaughter' because they are battery farmers. Anything they say about changing their behaviour and looking after their people now is too late in the day; they should have been supportive of their greatest asset from the outset and they wouldn't be in the bucket of crap they are in now. Their day is over.

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