Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why The Tie?

The beer orders were brought in to moderate the behaviour of brewers who owned large numbers of pubs whose tenants were obliged to buy beer from the brewer and no one else.

This was done to make sure that an element of fairness lived in the relationship between the freeholder and the lessee; and to make sure the freeholder could not inadvertently find itself in the position of being a monopoly implementing fixed prices and setting rents that did not reflect market conditions. IN SHORT the beer orders were introduced to ensure fairness and healthy competition in the PUB marketplace and to encourage the healthy continuation and sustainability of a culturally essential, historically important, quintessentially British industry that is internationally recognised as a vital part of the UK psyche and economy.

The beer orders were brought in to weaken the legal construct of the obligation placed on a tenant of a brewery owned premises to buy beer only from that brewery.

We all know this don't we?

Why then do we all still accept that the tie is OK in any way shape or form?

The tie must be made illegal.

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