Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is a great film about working men's club, I found the link on this thread but can't

attribute it because now I can't find th epost I got it from - just spent an hour and a half (nothing better to do Guy) watchin this unexpectedly.

Phil, you're right.

I didn't mean exactly what I said. What I really I meant is that a PubCo should know how to nurture and develop lessees and their properties but they don't. They have a rubber stamp approach to everything they do. Although they say that every pub is unique, every lessee different, they haven't a clue how to be site specific. They don't understand ambience, flair, individuality, true USP.

Their business success depends on volume and maximising return on investment, delivering shareholder value - rather than real value (mhhh slightly nonsensical that but I hope you know what I'm trying to get at). This precludes bespoke refurbishments, it excludes thinking outside the box, it denies individualism, idiosyncrasy, speaking to the audience and listening to the replies. It goes against buying local, against organically grown, free range, boutique brewing, bespoke foods, low production volumes of anything, sustainable business practices. reducing greenhouse gas emissions, lowering environmental impact, authenticity, originality doing anything just for the hell of it.

A good PubCo would have teams of people who could really troubleshoot right across the estate advising individual lessees on all aspoects of their business, on refurbishments, business analysis, their market and customer base - whether they should be food or wet led and really help make pubs places for people to want to go into often.

Does this remind you of any BDM or other PubCo representative you've ever come across?

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