Sunday, March 02, 2008

RE: Theoretical Scenario

I completely agree with Graham Barr. Offering a second site is mental. I could make a stab at which PubCo it is. But then it could be any of them. Mine has made me similar offers which I rejected. A previous PubCo made me an offer of a second outlet within six months of my first - and I ended up taking it on. They actually paid me to go in. In the long run it was a massive mistake. I wasn't ready for it and three years alter it nearly bankrupted me.

The problem always is that the 'partnership' is so unequal. At ground level, in the honeymoon period before reality sets in, the lessee is dealing with a BDM on what feels like a one to one basis. When the lessee feels like everything's going great and they get praised by the BDM - is not being offered another pub praise indeed - it must be very easy to forget the simple reality which is that you're krill talking to one of those fish that hang out on the back of a Great White Shark.

This is, of course, all meant in a spirit of good humour.

Graham Allman - I liked your dead duck post!

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