Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RE: Marston's rent rebel surrenders lease

Chris, if you say 'not that this is the case' - then why say it at all?

Futhermore, under what circumstances would any responsible landlord ever allow lazy and financially irresponsible people to take on leases? Aren't all PubCos in the business of vetting prosepective lessees for business acumen and financial skills? Have you read any of their material published for incoming lessees about the reponsibilites and rigours of running a pub business?

What are the business plans for, why the cashflow forecasts? Why the market & competition analysis? The proof of financial suitablity?

Judging by the general news there seems to be a lot of lazy and financially irresponsible people getting into the trade these days. Where do the PubCos fit into this process?

Should we be told?

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