Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RE: Licensees urged to save their pubs

Guy Arnold. Your posts are amusing. You exhibit all the symptoms of one who has lived on one side of the fence for too long and have barely disguised contempt for the people who own tied leases and cannot make a decent living out of their position.

The phrase ‘leading the lambs to the slaughter’ is hardly new and has been used at least once by at least one senior PubCo executive when describing the mass of UK tied lessees. Why so? Because it's a good business to get into? Your stance clearly illustrates your background and your fundamental misunderstanding of the reality that most people experience as lessees who don’t have the cosy relationship with a PubCo – which you evidently do.

The only people who exhibit the self satisfied full of confidence “you’re all wrong and I know best” approach that you come out with have been deeply involved in keeping the lambs in the pens at some stage or other... not even bothering to fatten them for slaughter. The PubCo business model is perfect – the PubCo in the driving seat with belt and braces insurance against all risks.

And if a lessee goes down the pan - the easy answer is "they didn't know what they were doing". Don't question the model that makes all the money. And puts the lessees out of business.

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