Thursday, March 13, 2008

Look, sorry guys, without wanting to stick up for New Labour at all I have to point out that a Conservative government brought in the beer orders to create a fairer system of enterprise in the pub trade which created the situation we have now - and as I have pointed out many times here and all over the show - I've never met a tied lessee who thinks they are anything other than a slave to their PubCo. The smoking ban I disagree with - the recent budget is an act of utter stupidity but I can't find myself saying it's 'the Government are out to get us' and then translate that into a hatred of New Labour/Brown/Darling whatever.

Politicians, of whatever leaning by nature, want to make things better - whatever coloured specs they look through - and politicians are generally completely out of touch with what goes on at grass roots level. They want to be representative of and understand common people how can they really ever do that once they become politicians? They are only human and simply don't have time to be involved in community at the level of having a pint in a pub on a regular basis. And when that comes down to fiddling around with what goes on in the drinking establishments of the nation they have to rely on others to tell them what is happening in boozers across the land. And that boils down to relying on lobbyists to guide them in their decision making about what shoulod happen to pubs, how much tax should be applied to alcohol of all descriptions, how to curb binge drinking - very iota is delviered to them on a plate.

How else do you think that Margaret Thatcher could come up with the notion that allowed PubCo's to take cuh dominance over the market as they have now?


Some people WANT pubs to close on a huge scale. Because it's in their interests to shed tiresome boozers that don't shift enough beer to make a good return on inflated property values.

Would those pubs be better (more profitable) as domestic accommodation perhaps?

Who do you think instructed parliamentary lobbyists to tell politicians what about:

Smoking legislation.
Binge drinking.
Application of tax on beer wine and spirits.

Who could afford to advise politicians on what reallly should be done?

Not the publicans.


Someone else.

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