Saturday, March 01, 2008

how long do enterprise give you to pay for beer if up to date with all payments-cheers

There's nothing like that in any of my contract documents.

From experience there's quite an element of they'll let you have leeway if they want, they'll screw you down if they want - a lot of it is how you deal with being into arrears and how you explain how the arrears happened.

Take stock of where you are at all round. Work out sensibly how much you can afford to repay every week - reliably - on top of the amount you need to spend on your regular deliveries which you need for current trade.

Talk to credit control (or BDM if you have a relationship with them). Tell them why you've had cash flow problems. Make it clear that you are on top of the situation and you know what's going on with your business. Be calm, specific and clear. Do not be nervous. Nervous makes them nervous. Make notes before you call and refer to them if that will help. Have an offer ready.

Say it's important to get your account up to date, you want to deal with the back log, you've been thinking about this and would like to suggest going cash with order for current deliveries, freeze the back log (or set aside arrears as separate amount from current) and paying a fixed amount off each week over a period.

If they agree you will likely find yourself having to negotiate a period. If you need twenty weeks and they say it ahs to be ten - and you really think you will not be able to keep up that level of payment - you must tell them. Be firm. If they say they cannot let it go for so long explain that you've done your sums, you know your business, and are comfortable with the time scale you've suggested. You understand their need to get it cleared up quicker but are not confident you can keep to the schedule. You would hate to have to come back to them to renegotiate. STICK to the payments.

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