Friday, February 29, 2008

Reply to Chris Martin from the Mavericks pub when he signed up to the flickr cause I set up: Pub Landlords v the Giant PubCos

Hi mate all done petition wise,agree with it all completely,Inez is landlady of our local and a good old girl.Don't tell her i mentioned the old bit though.

Hi Chris

Thanks for signing up. It probably won't go anywhere. Inez and I have been having a bit of discussion about how to change the whole set up with the PubCos problem is they're massive and we're all very small - can't even get thirty publicans to agree on anything let alone to march together for a common cause!

Inez did brilliantly to get time to pay back rent. They are such bullies it's unbelievable. They must be spitting broken teeth.

Had a conversation with my dad (I'm nearly 50, he's nearly 80) about this last night - when I tell him the sort of thing the pubco reps say to me (and others) he sees it as a result of sheer stupidity "why would they say anything professionally that could be used against them in court?" "because they can and they always get away with it - they enjoy it. He thinks I'm paranoid & misinterpreting their motives. How wrong he is!

"Give the pub back to the publican"!

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