Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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hi mark
thanks for you message but last week was feeling bit down but i'm back
now and fighting. had meeting with regional manager and bdm come in force y
dont they and they put their cards on the table?
1; pay them £7000 there and then and beer will be released and pay plan set up
2:surrender pub
3: they take me to court for breach of contract (rent)
or a little one sell them ff (fixtures and fittings) and pay them 20% a week rent on them and they will allow us £500 cwo (cash with order) for 2 weeks until details of ff go through. how kind it takes £1500-£2000 to keep us running (each week)
they only offered last after i walked out and said take me to court
They have broken so many laws id love to go to court
1 illegally sent in bailiffs
2 fixed our payments to them so they would go anywhere but off p.plan and rent
3 biibac code of conduct about transparency
4 refusing to take money i offered to pay rent and debt as we have been doing
saying our account is froze
the man was a prick he said enterprise have no intentions of talking to its
tenants and its tenants have no right talking to each other and that our
conversation was between us and not people on wwweb hence my silence until
monday when i tell them to stuff ff up arse and take me to court. my
accountant also friend has said its happening two me and another in area and
he thinks they trying to ofload a few pubs
bring on fight im talking to observer reporter tues let enterprise see how
gagged i am


wayne massey

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