Friday, February 15, 2008

I've had two customer heart attacks happen to me when I've been working. The first was a regular sitting at the bar - he coughed (at least that's what it sounded like), his barstool shot backwards, his false teeth shot over the bar and he landed WHACK on the carpeted floor where he stayed until an ambulance crew came and took him away. Believe it or not he was back in the bar two days later and bought four, can't remember what they were called now, small bottles with a gold top and a sweetish strong beer, Autumn Gold or something - it was a Whitbread pub - carry outs to take home.

The second was in a restaurant I worked in in Manchester. Really really busy Saturday night and this old fellow slumped at the table and died then and there. His wife and friends wouldn't let me administer first aid and he was carried out down th eback stairs through the kitchen tied to a chair to avoid having to take a corpse through the full restaurant. My manager reminded me to make sure they paid the bill before they left (I already had).

Defibrillator wouldn't have been much use in either case. Have no idea how representative that might be of all heart atttack situations though.

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