Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From El Nino Luminoso on Morning Advertiser site responding to article about S&N putting up prices

Stands to objective reason.

Rationalise brewing interests, remove all elements of tradition and history from the process, sell off all inner city brewing sites for development as high end residential, use increase of shareholder value as guide to all decision making; trebles all round; never laugh in public, even after leaving the bank.

Tell critics 'tradition is in our ethos' if not in our brewing methods.

"Chief executive John Dunsmore added:"In the face of substantial challenges in terms of unprecedented bad summer weather, the UK smoking ban and the distraction of the consortium approach, it is very encouraging that S&N’s outstanding portfolio of brands and leading market positions has still delivered revenue growth of +7.9% and operating profit growth of +5.7%."

Marvellous performance John, and what better evidence that a substantial price rise should be the news of the day, "to mitigate substantial ingoing costs". Got to keep delivering all that sahreholder value do we not.

For the pedantic among you, that is a rhetorical statement.

Well. At least Carlsberg is still a Dutch beer is it not?

S&N ceased to be Scottish, or Newcastle, some time ago.

For the jingoistic among readers of this forum it can be asserted with vigour that Newcastle is in England.

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